Things You Need to Know About Car Dechroming

Have you ever wanted to remove chrome trim from your car or vehicle without inducing damage or even spending money on an expensive solution?

Dechroming is usually done on more executive models of vehicles. The chrome trim on bumpers, door trims, and window surrounds look grand to some. Still, other car owners prefer the more 'sporty' look of a matte or gloss black finish or black carbon fiber for that racing car look.

What is Dechroming?

Sometimes called "Chrome Delete," dechroming is the process of hiding, covering, or coating a chrome with vinyl. The most common color chosen for dechroming is matte black. It is similar to car wrapping but is focused more on covering the grills, chrome around the windows, bumpers, caps, and vents. A special matte vinyl wrap is delicately applied to your car for a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing finish.

At CarWrap Central, we keep an inventory of dechroming material options for a quicker turnaround time on your requirements. We usually handle the dechroming of the following parts:

  • Complete Blackout Package

  • Front Grill de-chroming

  • Window Trim

  • Bumpers, Spoilers, Caps and Vents

  • Badge & Emblem Dechroming

  • Panel dechroming

Dechroming vs. Painting

The predicament with painting over chrome surfaces is that chips can ruin the finish and re-expose the chrome underneath. Dechroming is more robust than paint and won't chip, so you are guaranteed that you'll keep the finish you like for longer than with paint. Apart from that, it's also typically cheaper than painting over the chrome. In short, dechroming is a better choice if you're looking for an excellent finish that's intended to last.

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