Preparing Your Vehicle for a Successful Vinyl Wrap

The decision to get a vehicle wrap is not an overnight task. A little prep work is recommended before we can apply a vinyl wrap. Taking the time to prepare your vehicle correctly can help reduce your total cost.

Here are a few things you can do to prepare your vehicle for a successful vinyl wrap:

Wash the Vehicle with Detergent and Water

Have your vehicle thoroughly washed with mild detergent and water the day before or at least several hours before dropping it off. All parts must be completely dry before installation, including the under-body frame, wheel wells, and seams.

To have the best adhesion, we will also re-wash all surfaces to be wrapped before installation. Ensuring all hints of dirt, wax, and tar is removed.

Use Solvent Wipe

After the vehicle surface is washed, the next step is to solvent wipe/isopropyl alcohol (70%) on the surface, removing grease, tar, wax, and oil; and should be wiped dry before it evaporates. This is to ensure that any airborne contaminants are eliminated.

NEVER do a wax job before installation as it will not help. Wax makes the surface too slippery, causing the wrap not to adhere.

Rust, Corrosion, and Other Issues

It's crucial to let us know about any spots that might have any corrosions, peeling paint, or other issues. It is highly recommended to have those areas repaired before installing a wrap. We could even take a look at your vehicle ahead of the installation, bring it by our shop, and we would be glad to accommodate recommendations.

You are finally ready to have your car wrapped! Contact us at CarWrap Central to ensure your vehicle wrap is handled correctly and professionally.

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