Introduction to Paint Protection Films (PPF)

Paint Protection Films are a fast growing and increasingly common option for car owners globally. Owners are also increasingly becoming more knowledgeable on the maintenance and the importance of preserving the car’s condition as the years go by. Along with essential maintenance, protecting the paint of the car is viewed as one of the top factors in the resale value and the ease of resale of a car.

What are Paint Protection Films?

For the layman, it can be relatively difficult to distinguish whether a car has had PPF applied to it. The film itself is an engineered compound which typically consists of a clear coat – which is the part exposed to the environment, sometimes followed by a polyurethane – a very special material with superior mechanical properties, followed by an adhesive and then a release liner. Carwrap Central offers 3 main systems: PVC (most economical), TPU (most premium) and PU (best balance between cost and effectiveness).

What are the benefits of using Paint Protection Films?

One of the prime benefits of using a PPF on your car, van or truck is that it has superior resistance to scratches and can also utilize self-healing properties if there is a penetrable scratch. They also prevent fading of the car’s paint which can happen with time due to exposure to the sun’s UV rays. Another benefit is that the upfront investment on the PPF material and installation is typically outweighed by the long term financial benefit of having a newer looking car, a higher resale value to newer appearance and also the glossy nature of the PPF means that you don’t have to wax your car like you previously would to maintain that newer, glossier appearance. Another great aspect of PPF is that if it is a high quality PPF, properly installed (CarWrap Central is an excellent provider of PPF solutions), it is easy to remove and replace.

What are the drawbacks of PPF?

The initial cost can be considered expensive to some, however when viewed against the long terms costs of not having it done it easily pays for itself many times over. Another potential drawback is that if the material is sub-standard or the installer does not install it properly without thorough cleaning of the surface, blisters may occur. The film may also peel due to this due to poor adhesion to the car’s surface.

The Final Verdict

If utilizing a high quality PPF system and installed by a professional installer like CarWrap Central – all car owners can enjoy the long term financial benefits and slow down the aesthetic aging process of cars.

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