Upgrade the aesthetic of your motorbike with our wide range of vinyl wraps and decals. 

Car wrapping, also called as car foiling, is a technique wherein the vehicle coating can be covered with vinyl or carbon fiber film either partial or whole. It serves two purposes, first, to protect the car or motorcycle from external factors like UV light, bird droppings and of course, to upgrade the aesthetics. You can always update your car wrap depending on the new trends or as you please.​

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VISUAL UPGRADE for a stealthy, presitigous look

Dechorming or  Chrome Delete of your reflective accents of your car like the grill, badge, emblem, trims, bumpers, spoilers can add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your vehicle

Much more economical than painting & Doesn't Void Warranties

 Our dechroming wraps prevent scratches to the base paint and importantly as well typically doesnt void warranties on the vehicle like paitning would.

Hassle Free Removal & Replacement

Don't worry about any damage on your vehicle when CarWrap Central's professional installation team remove the Vinyl Wrap as we combine expertise, experience and the right tools. Our range of of Vinyl Wraps are the top of the line, with engineered properties to prevent irreversible adhesion to the vehicle's paint.


CarWrap Central provides a 1 year warranty on its dechroming systems covering unintentional peeling. The warranty is however deemed void for areas affected by a car accident, scratch or intentional peeling of the PPF system.